Rules For The Ganjamaica Cup

Entries due December 2-3, 2018 Entry fee USD $100

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Rules For The Ganjamaica Cup

1.Open only to Jamaican farmers

2.Must show valid National I.D. (passport, driver’s licence, national voters ID)

3.Must be living in Jamaica consecutively for 5 or more years and with Jamaican Residency (proof of address within the last 6 months)

4.Must be registered and vetted by a Parish Ganja Association, or be a member of a Rastafari House/Mansion. If you wish, you may register with the Westmoreland Hemp & Ganja Farmers Association (WHGFA) as a non-territorial member. Call 876- 799-7577 or 876-404-9776

5.Must pre-register to enter

6.Categories: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and Hash

7.Cultivation must be within Jamaican law such as 5 plants per household

8.Legal protection notice/disclosure ensured

9.We reserve the right to reject any entry.


Luke Zimmerman,University of Amsterdam, Dr. Andre Gordon,Ministry of Health Kim Betesh, Oaksterdam University Annette Henry, Cannabis Licencing Authority Vicki Hanson, Cannabis Licencing Authority Janine Chin, CLA Dr. Lakisha Jenkins Dr. Ellen Campbell-Grizzle Sheryl Murray, Attorney-at-Law Eve Santana Dr. Machel Emmanuel, University of the West Indies, Jamaica Dr. K'adamawe Knife, University of the West Indies, Jamaica Dr. Andre Haughton, University of the West Indies, Jamaica


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