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Rastafari RootzfestTM will provide a greater level of appreciation of Rastafari culture and highlight the movement’s relationship with Cannabis.

Rastafari RootzfestTM will play its part in educating and informing the public about the proper and traditional uses of herb, while creating economic opportunities for Jamaica and Jamaicans in the process.
Rastafari RootzfestTM is committed to working with all concerned to make the event balanced with spiritual and material progress for all.
Develop sustainable brand Format  | Experience | Strategic Partnerships
Provide authentic indigenous celebration through Music | Ital Cuisine | Arts & Craft
Create economic opportunities for Jamaica | Increase Brand Visibility | Value Added Tourism | Increase Foreign Exchange Earnings | National Capacity Building | Green Economy Competitiveness
Produce  Jamaica Ganjamaica Cup awards competition for Jamaican Growers  | Judging | Awards
Encourage education, innovation and best practices Seminar Speakers | Panels | Q&A
Highlighting the  History  of Rastafari & Cannabis| Reasoning | Exhibits | Marketing

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