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The 4th annual Rastafari Rootzfest will be staged from December 14 to December 16, 2018 at the Long Bay Beach Park in the Western Jamaica resort town of Negril, starting at noon each day. Rastafari Rootzfest is an annual marijuana festival, consumer expo, trade show and growers competition. The promoters of the three-day festival and marijuana seminar are committed to educating the general public about the health benefits and business opportunities involving the controversial “wisdom weed”.


Rootzfest partner Oaksterdam University, a renowned, accredited marijuana institute based in California, will be at the Negril event to conduct educational seminars on the various aspects of the cannabis industry, from germinating seeds, to harvesting crops, to research findings, to the production of nutraceutical marijuana bi-products. Representatives from the Jamaican Business Development Sector will also be offering their consulting services to patrons seeking sound business development advice. These activities will run concurrent to the other facets of Rastafari Rootzfest, such as the yoga and meditation booths and live demonstrations on Ital (Vegan) cuisine.


The Negril festival features the highly anticipated Ganjamaica Cup competition for local marijuana farmers who grow the “green gold” known as ganja in Jamaica. Entries in the competition are open to exclusively Jamaican ganja strains only and will be judged by local and international experts. The Ganjamaica Cup will climax with awards in various categories to top growers of the best tested marijuana buds and producers of the best marijuana bi-products.


The inaugural Rastafari Rootzfest in 2015 was the first ganja-exempt event to be held in Jamaica. Earlier that same year, the island’s government amended the Dangerous Drugs Act and legally recognized the sacramental and religious rights of the Rastafari community to use and possess marijuana. The amendment also enabled the creation of a legal medical marijuana industry in Jamaica. Since then, medical cannabis has been validated by countless research and controlled studies as a safer, more potent alternative to many of the synthetic medications that are in existence today.


Nyahbinghi drumming and chanting will fill the air by the shores of Negril’s famous seven mile beach throughout the festival and all the educational and cultural activities will be harmonized by the sounds of authentic Roots Rock Reggae as the event boasts three nights of live music headlined by top international Reggae acts.


Rastafari Rootzfest coincides with the official start of the 2018 Winter Tourist season in mid-December and it is expected to be a major attraction for visitors seeking temporary refuge from the harsh winter conditions of their respective countries of origin, as well as for countless locals alike.



For more information visit Rastafari Rootzfest on Facebook and Instagram.

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