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The Rastafari RootzfestTM Jamaica Ganja Cup will include a dozen to twenty entries of exclusively Jamaican ganja judged, finally and significantly on its own terms, by local and international experts.

The process of the Rastafari RootzfestTM Jamaica Ganja Cup will quantify and qualify the traditional Jamaican ganja strains that will become classic commercial products with the relaxation of Jamaica’s ganja law. This event will establish a path for Jamaican tourism and farmers to evolve with the law. The event will have a music component each night and will climax with the Rastafari RootzfestTM Jamaica Ganja Cup Awards Ceremony that will celebrate Jamaica’s historical connection to ganja and announce the winners of the 1st Annual Rastafari RootzfestTM Jamaica Ganja Cup Awards.
The Expo will include booths covering the commerce, the culture and cultivation of cannabis. Expo booths will be donated to strategic groups and national entities while seminars will include presentations from government agencies, including Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism & Entertainment, National Council on Drug Abuse, to market their messages as well. In that way the Jamaican Government can air its concerns and national discussion and awareness can be effectively promoted.

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