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Rastafari In Inity Limited (RII) is a limited liability company established with a mandate to use non-exploitative business strategies to build a Rastafari friendly and grassroots oriented social enterprise that is transparent, accountable and respected in the global cannabis industry. RII collaborates with like-minded groups in the Rastafari, grassroots, and business community, to unlock economic opportunities from which we give back for the social and economic development of Rastafari and grassroots communities.
In November 2015, RII staged the inaugural Rastafari RootzfestTM in Negril, Jamaica and will be staging the 4th Annual Rastafari RootzfestTM in Negril, Jamaica from December 14-16, 2018. The goal is to produce a comprehensive, educational and well-organized Rastafari event that celebrates Rastafari ideology, livity and culture, tells the story of Rastafari and grassroots struggle for the legalization of ganja, while celebrating the decriminalization of ganja in Jamaica.

Rastafari RootzfestTM is an annual Ganja Festival, Consumer Expo, Trade Show, Ganja Conference and Competition.
RII aims to encourage innovation and the application of science and technology to the cannabis industry in Jamaica by and for the benefit of Rastafari and grassroots communities, through the Rastafari RootzfestTM Ganja Conference, Rastafari RootzfestTMGanjaBiz Network and the Rastafari RootzfestTMJamaica Ganja Cup competition, bringing cannabis enthusiasts and business persons together to advance the emerging ganja industry in Jamaica. In that way, Rastafari RootzfestTM continues to create significant economic opportunities for Jamaica through increased brand visibility, tourism, foreign exchange and investment.

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